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This page provides help for challenged computer users, to enable them to make the most of this website as well as from other websites. Talking about this website its a responsive website so it adjusts itself according to the device its viewed upon. A user will experience a different view while accessing it from a desktop/ laptop, tablet or from mobile.

Most Common Methods Used

You can change the settings of your browser or your operating system, and add plugins to help you access the website better.
If you can't see well or if you feel the text on website is too big or small then you can change the size of the display easily in most browsers.
For Firefox and Chrome the font size of the display can be increased or decreased by the Ctrl + (press control and plus key simultaneously) and Ctrl - (press control and minus key simultaneously) commands. To reset to original size please use the Ctrl 0 (press control and zero key simultaneously) command.
Visually challenged people can use text to speech extension. ChromeVox is a very useful and handy extension for converting text to speech and is available for free on Google Chrome extension store it will read out the text for the user.

Learn in Detail about Web Accessibilty

There is a lot more that a user can do and can access the web according to his/her convienience.
Here are some examples:

  • He/ She can change the size of the fonts
  • He/ She can change the colour of the fonts
  • He/ She can change the settings to make a keyboard or a mouse easier to use.

For detailed information on how to make these changes and for much more to help so that you can make the most of the website please visit this My Web My Way website.

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