Academic Calendar 2019-20

VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

  1. A workshop was organized by the Dept. of Hindi on “Our Time & Society” on 30 Nov. 2015 in which P.G. students participated actively.
  2. Dept. of Hindi organized a seminar on the topic “Hindi Journalism : Past, Present & possibilities” on 27th Nov. 2015. Sri Suresh Salil, Shekhar Tripathi, Pulak Bajpai delivered their lectures in it. The programme was presided by Giriraj Kishore, a noted writer of Hindi Literature.
  3. The Dept. of Hindi organized a workshop on “Our time & literature” on 14th Sep. 2015. Dr. Daya Dixit, Dept. of Hindi, DAV College, Kanpur delivered her lecture in it.
  4. A poetry recitation programme was organized by the Dept. of Hindi on 18th Feb., 2014 in which chief guest was Smt. Archana Panda from USA. The other poets who recited their poems were Dr. Ansar Kambari, Dr. Kamlesh Dwivedi, Vinod Srivastav, Mukesh Srivastava etc.
  5. The Dept. of Hindi organized a lecture series on “Jankavi Nagarjun” on 19th Nov. 2011 under the aegis of Acharya Ayodhyanath Sharma Pratisthan. Prof. Chauthi Ram Yadav, former Head, Dept. of Hindi, B.H.U. was the keynote speaker. Other speakers were Dr. Sanjay Srivastava & Dr. Khan Ahmad Farukh.

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