Academic Calendar 2019-20

VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

Dr. Gulab Dutt Tiwari

He was the founder of the department, he has worked hard and uplifted
the department UG to PG. He has also established well equipped PG laboratories
of high slandered, along with Instrumental facility.

Dr. G.S.Jauhar

He was the master peace of analytical Chemistry, he has produced more than
10 Ph.D. students and have done many researches of National and International
Importance, he has developed very simple test procedure for analytical chemistry.
Many patents are registered in his name. Dr.Jauhar has developed a new technique
for the removal of seed coat of Muskmelon , which is also patented in his name.


He was an excellent scientist .He has completed his research work from reputed
National Sugar Institute, Kanpur & he has worked with various reputed International
scientist, Dr.Gupta was awarded the prestigious"Alexander Von Humboldt fellowship"
and worked at Maxplank Institute of Immunology, Germany.

Dr. K.K.Gupta

He completed his research work with Prof. R.C.Mehrotra, a scientist of International repute.

Dr. Alok Srivastava

He worked in Dr.Reddy's laboratory,Hyderabad as group Leader and deputy manager
of Research and Development,Dr.Srivastava has developed a new and economical process
of preparation of anti anesthetic drug, 'Montelkast Sodium'

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