Academic Calendar 2019-20

VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

At VSSD students will find extremely good facilties for studies as well as sports. With the help of these extremely good facilities available within campus of VSSD a student gets extreme help while exploring the limitless opportunities for his future. Whether a student has his focus in studies or wants to achieve best in sports & other cultural activities they are supported by high quality facilities available at VSSD.

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Infrastructure Facilities

At VSSD a student will find very good infrastructure facilties such as computer center, central library, hostel facilities, banking facilities, well equipped labs etc. These facilities available at VSSD can be very helpful for a student while studying at VSSD. For knowing in detail about all infrastructural facilities at VSSD click here...

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Sports Facilities

At VSSD a student is always motivated to take part in extra-curricular activities apart from studies. If a student is good in sports or any other cultural activity he/she is always motivated to not let his/ her focus loose in the relevant field of interest. VSSD has a cultural & other activity center, game center, gymnasium etc for encouraging students to take part in sports/cutural activities. To know more about the facilities click here...

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Other Educational Facilities

Apart from extremely good Infrastural & Sports Facilities VSSD also provides various other educational facilities for its students which are of immense help for its students. To know more about such facilities click here...

Quick View at VSSD Facilities

Computer Center

  • ---- computers are available at Computer Center.

  • Broadband internet facility


  • equipped with --- no. of books

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  • Game Center & Cultural activities center

  • Fully equipped gym for boys & girls