Academic Calendar 2019-20

VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

In order to change the mindset of people towards education it is important to feed the mind with its positive aspects. Integration of ICT in teaching is to ensure quality in the educational system which shall further benefit students in their future professions. Keeping this in mind the Dept. of English proposes to set up a Smart Classroom so as to encourage students to familiarize themselves with ICT Modes of teaching and learning.
Our vision is to maintain a collaborative approach between traditional learning methods through classroom teaching and modern method of teaching through ICT which can provide opportunities for the students to explore and experiment new vistas.
Opening E-friendship club for students using WhatsApp, Facebook etc. to enable them easy access to their teachers even after class hours. This can prove to be specially beneficial for weak students.
Digitalization of the Departmental library to facilitate students for effectively using the Library. As technology is becoming the most popular tool in the education sector, it is extremely important for educators/teachers to empower themselves with latest technology tools and skills.

Outreach Programmes for Next Five Years

It is important and imperative for teachers & students to actively contribute and do their bit for society.
For this we propose to intensify our extension services by

  1. Teaching slum children.
  2. Organizing adult education programmes for the have-nots.
  3. Educating and creating awareness amongst the underprivileged for maintaining hygiene & cleanliness 
  4. Constructively contributed in protecting our environment

Good education is about learning how to be self-disciplined without any restrain, watching or monitoring. For this personality development workshops/counseling shall be organized frequently for students. To equip our learners with employability skills, focus shall be on organizing workshops for skill development. This shall include vocational training workshops to prepare students and motivate them for entrepreneurial projects to give an impetus to self employment.

Faculty of English Department

Seminars/ Workshops of English Department

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