Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur
Accredited ‘A’ Grade by NAAC

Earn While Learn

Earn While Learn

VSSD college has initiated the Earn While Learn Program. The Earn while learn programme provides opportunities to the students to earn while they are learning through the part-time jobs and the entrepreneurial projects thus preparing them to shoulder professional assignments with relative ease.

Various part-time job opportunities are provided to the students within the campus. The part-time student employees could work as Library Assistants, Computer Service Assistants, Data entry Operators, Project/Lab Assistants, Assistant Coaches/Trainers and Career Counselors.

Also, the college provides its budding entrepreneurs with necessary guidance and resources to initiate and run their entrepreneurial ventures as well as provides for incubation of their business ideas.

Benefits of Earn While You Learn Program

  • Provides opportunities to students to earn while learning to meet their expenses.
  • Exposes the students to the world of work before actual employment.
  • Gives students hands on experience and confidence thereby prepares them better for taking up jobs in future.
  • Adds value to the resume of the students.
  • Enables the students to explore their subject preferences and develop them into a career.
  • Helps to exploit the immense potential of students as a valuable human resource.
  • Prospers belongingness and encourages involvement of the students in management and development of the College.
  • Helps inculcate in the students values of hard work and dignity of labour.
  • Helps to channelize the in exhaustive energy of the young students in positive activities.