Academic Calendar 2019-20

VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

The Dept. of English is fortunate to be equipped with a highly competent faculty. All the four members in the Dept. fulfill all requisite mandatory qualifications for higher education pedagogy. All have excellent meritorious academic records and all are Doctorates (conferred with the degree of Ph.D). Two of the members are Gold Medalists having secured First position in the final year of their post graduation in thir universities. One of them is also a law graduate having the distinction of securing the FIRST position in the university in LL.B is and is D.Litt. as well. Her Post Doctoral Research is on the topic "FEMININE PSYCHE".
Two UGC-aided RESEARCH PROJECTS have been completed by two faculty members. The topics are- "Partition As A Backdrop In Indian English Fiction" and "Women Against Violence."
Besides being adept at teaching the members of the Dept. are upright and conscientious, willing to cooperate in all activities of the Dept and college, and ready to take up all assignments allotted to them thus creating harmony within the Dept. which is essential for the smooth functioning of any Dept.
Teachers in the Dept. enthusiastically participate not only in teaching but also in consultancy, providing academic and vocational guidance to students who come to consult them after teaching work. They are actively engaged in guiding research scholars working under their supervision. At present four research scholars are working under the supervision of the members of the dept. on relevant literary, social socio-political topics related to literature and also on Nobel Laureates and Booker Prize Winners.

Faculty of English Department

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