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VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

Department of Physics at VSSD College was established in July 1957 to constitute the faculty of Science under very dynamic leadership of Prof. B.S. Bhargava. Later Prof. R. N. Kapoor and other members joined the department.  Post Graduate course was introduced in 1965. Within a few year of establishment, excellent laboratory apparatus suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students have been developed by laborious and dedicated faculty members and department became famous for its quality Physics teaching in the Kanpur region.

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Current Faculty Members

Physics department currently consists of seven faculty members and five senior visiting/guest faculties. There are nine technical and supporting staff members.

In addition to teaching and learning, the department also organizes co-curricular activities for acquisition of life and knowledge management skills by arranging lectures/cultural activities through active participation of student under Physics society. Faculties of our department also provide guidance to the students and counsel them for carrier and job. All faculty members also supervise post graduate student in their final dissertation.

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Competence of Faculty

In spite of inadequate facilities being as college, our former faculties, Dr. K. N. Khanna and Dr. C. P. Singh had excelled in research also. Dr. S. K. Khanna had been honored by prestigious Emeritus Scientist of CSIR, Govt of India.  Our faculties had collaborated with International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP) Italy. Our faculty, Prof. R. N. Kapoor is instrumental in forming Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT), a professional body physics teacher with more than 5000 members. Dr. S. P. Godia, our former Head of department, had been appointed the member of Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission. The students passed out from the department have been serving the nation as scientist and faculties at academic and research institutions. Our students are also serving on key position of several Government departments as well as in private establishments. read more...

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Departmental Achievements

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Implementation OF NAAC Recommendation

Honouring the recommendation of the esteemed NAAC Peer Team of setting up a Language Lab for students of English, the Dept. has implemented and executed their valuable suggestion. The Dept. is also running a U.G.C. sponsored career oriented course viz. communication in English for the last three years.

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Apart from lab facilities the department has a library running since 1969, which fully equipped with more than 500 standard text books and references books on the subject.

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Research and Publications

Our faculty members have published more than 300 research papers in national/International journals, of which 80 have been in last 10 years . The faculty members keep themselves updated by attending the conferences, seminars and other short terms courses. Our faculties have also been visited abroad for research/conferences purposes.  Our faculty, Dr. P. S. Dobal has worked more than three years in several institutions of USA and has been invited to several national/international conferences for talk.  In last five years two of our faculties have been selected for abroad research training by Government of India namely BOYSCAST Fellowship (Dr. M. B. Pandey) and Raman post doctoral fellowship (Dr. R. M. Yadav). Faculty members have individual international collaboration with USA and European countries. In last five years, three research projects have been completed in the department. Currently two research project from UGC and DST is under way at our department. Present research activities of the department include soft matter, liquid crystals, ceramics, carbon nanostructures, chalcoginide, nanaomaterials, composites, organic liquids.

Priority areas for Research

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Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops

The dept. organizes seminars and conferences from time to time.

Some of the past Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops are listed below.:

  • The Department has organized 21st National Conference on Liquid Crystals-2014 (NCLC-2014) under the auspices of Indian Liquid Crystal Society from 10-13 November 2014. The confrence was sponsored by Department of Science and technology (DST) and Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Govt of India. There were 18 invited lectures and twenty five oral presentation have been delivered during the conference in addition to 100 poster presentations. There were several eminent scientist and academician attended the conference including five delegates from abroad.

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Alumni of the Department

Department of Physics has a wide list of reputed alumni who have earned emmence respect in various fields and are serving the society in some or the other manner.

Some of well known alumni of physics department are:

  • Dr. Devesh Kumar Awasthi, Scientist H, Inter-University Accelerator Centre (IUAC), New Delhi

  • Prof. D. S. Mishra, Former Professor and Head, IIT Mumbai

  • Dr. A. K. Srivastava, Hong- Kong University of Science & Technology, Clear Water Bay, Kowloon

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Degrees Awarded

In last 10 years 3 Scholars have been awarded Ph.D. degree whereas 10 students obtained M.Phil degree under the guidance of our faculty members. Currently 3 research scholars are working for Ph.D. degree in our Department and 07 Ph D students are in the process of enrollment after successful completion of pre-Ph D course work.

Quick View of Physics Department

Students Enrolled

  • Undergraduates: 800

  • Post Graduates: 36

Courses Offered

  • B. Sc

  • M. Sc in Physics with specialization in Electronics and Solid State Physics

  • Ph. D

Intake Capacity

  • UG Course: 480

  • PG Course: 26

  • Ph. D.: As per location from CSJM University

Current Faculty

  • Dr. M.K. Chaturvedi is the current HOD of the department.

  • Including HOD there are seven faculty members in Physics department at present.

Department Library

The department has a library running since 1969, which fully equipped with more than 500 standard text books and references books on the subject.


The department has 06 laboratories separately for each undergraduates and post graduates classes well equipped with instruments as per syllabus.

Research Laboratory

The Department has two laboratories for reserch purposes:

  • Soft Condensed Matter Physics and Liquid Crystals laboratory

  • Microwave Ceramics and nanostructured materail synthesis laboratory.