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VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

The department of mathematics, V.S.S.D. College, Kanpur at present has eight post of teachers sanctioned by the director of higher education U.P. The department is producing about four hundred graduates and about sixty post graduates with mathematics. Twelve Ph.D. degree produced by the department and five research scholar working for their Ph.D. degree in pure and applied mathematics.

The department started in July 1957 with the sanction of B.A. and B.Sc. classes with mathematics. Shri Devi Shankar Shukla, post graduate from Lucknow University happened to be first teacher in the department since July 1957. He worked as the head of department till 1960 and left the college to join as Provincial civil services of U.P. Due to this sincerity, hard work and intelligence Shri Shukla earned a great respect from his students, colleagues and authorities during his stay in the college.

In July 1958 Shri Raghunandan Prasad a post graduate from Lucknow University joined the department and proved to be a great asset for the department as well as the college until his retirement in 1993. He started as lecturer becoming head of department and then rose to post of the principal of the college. He was very popular among the students due to his keen involvement in the field of Mathematics. He obtained Ph.D. degree for his research work in fluid mechanics under the renouned mathematician Prof. J.N. Kapoor of IIT Kanpur. He commanded respect by mathematical community of Kanpur due to his mathematical work as well as his great human and helping nature. Dr. Prasad developed skills in wide areas of mathematics.

The post graduate classes of mathematics were started in the college since July 1959.

The Founder

Current Faculty Members

Department of Mathematics of VSSD college at present is strengthen with 6 Faculty Members in total including Head of the department Dr. Atul Kumar Singh. Faculty members in Maths Department are working in various areas of mathematics helping their students to gain good knowledge in the field of mathematics.

The Founder

Contribution of Former Faculty Members

Our former faculty members have worked hard and achieved various land mark in the field of mathematics, some of their contribution will always be remembered.

The Founder


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The Founder

Courses Offered

UG courses- B.Sc., B.A. in mathematics

PG Courses- M.A., M.Sc. in mathematics

The Founder

Alumni of the Department

Department of Maths has a wide list of reputed alumni who have earned emmence respect in various fields and are serving the society in some or the other manner.

Some recent alumnus of maths department are:

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Quick View of Mathematics Department

Students Enrolled

  • Undergraduates: 1957

  • Graduates: 1959

Courses Offered

  • B.A., B.Sc. in mathematics

  • M.A., M.Sc. in mathematics

Current Faculty

  • Dr. Atul Kumar Singh is the current HOD of the department.

  • There are six faculty members including HOD in the department at present.