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VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

Department of Physical Education (B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.) of V.S.S.D. College has had an illustrious past and is working towards a promising future, Dept. offers B.P.Ed. & M.P.Ed. courses.
B.P.Ed. course established in year 2003. The year of its established saw the appointment of shri K.N. Tiwari as a H.O.D. of the department which was significant as he was an erudite and eminent player in swimming and he was also International referee in athletics. A member of Kanpur athletics association and prior of his appointment as H.O.D. had been H.O.D. at sports Deptt. in the same college and proved to be an extremely popular and successful teacher, coach and good officer till the end of his tenure in 2009.
M.P.Ed. was introduced in the Deptt. In year 2007 which benefited several students who desired to specialize in Physical Education and thus V.S.S.D. College served to be their platform providing a congenital, highly proficient, academic and training  atmosphere for the students.

The Founder

Current Faculty Members

Department of Physical Education of VSSD college at present is strengthen with 8 Faculty Members in total including head of the department Dr.Rishi Pal Singh. Faculty members in Physical Education Department are working very hard to groom their students in the field of physical education.

The Founder

Contribution of Former Faculty Members

Our former faculty members have worked hard and achieved various land marks, some of their contribution will always be remembered.

The Founder


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The Founder

Courses Offered

UG courses- B.P.Ed.

PG Courses- M.P.Ed.

The Founder

Alumni of the Department

Department of Physical Education has a wide list of reputed alumni who have earned emmence respect in the field of Physical Education and are serving the society in some or the other manner.

Some recent alumnus of physical education department are:

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Quick View of Physical Education Department

Teacher's Attendance

Courses Offered

  • B.P.Ed.

  • M.P.Ed.

Current Faculty

  • Dr. Rishi Pal Singh is the current HOD of the department.

  • Including HOD there are eight faculty members in physical education department at present.