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Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

Department of History was established by renowned historian of Northern India professor Kali Shankar Bhatnagar in 1925. The department of History became centre of Post Graduate studies as well as doctoral research of Agra University in 1930.Department of History became famous for its instantaneous dialogue on History. The department had produced 94 Ph.D. theses till date. Presently the department of History is affiliated to C.S.J.M. University Kanpur to produce the brilliant students and scholars for different courses like B.A., M.A. , Pre Ph.D., Ph.D.

Postgraduate classes in the History department of VSSD College started in 1930. Department of History is deeply associated with works and services of eminent historians like Professor B.D. Shukla , the author of famous treatise "History of Congress" as well as Dr. Sant Sharan Awasthi who produced 38 Ph.D. theses under his supervision.
This department was associated with famous scholar Dr. Ram Krishna Gupta, the author of "Revenue History of Kanpur" forwarded by Professor Eric Stokes. The department currently consists of three faculty members and other supportive staff members. Excellent research work has been carried out by our faculty members ever since the department cam e in existence.
Approximately 80 scholars have completed their Ph.D. work and six are continuing presently. Major research interest of the department has been on topics like History of Modern India, Freedom struggle, gender studies, Economic roots of communalism, Role of Christian Missionaries-especially focusing on Kanpur and others. Pres en t faculty members have published many books, research papers and articles in last ten years. There are more than 150 research mono graphs on different topics.
Department has excellent track record of organizing Seminars and conferences. Six national seminars have been organized in last 5 years including two sponsored by UGC. Professor Hemlata Singh who served as Head of the department of History till June 2013 had successfully guided more than one dozen PhD. scholars in her career.
Department of History has credit for students that topper of the M.A. history in C. S.J.M. University since 2011 is continuously reserved in this department. The Department also works for guidance and counseling of the students. Presently Dr. Anil Kumar Misra is Head of the Department. He is active scholar of political Modern History. Dr. Purushottam Singh is chief editor of "Kanpur Historiographers" ISSN 2348-3814 an International Journal of History, Archaeology, Numismatics & Indology as well as member of editorial Board of International Journal "Kanpur Philosophers" ISSN 2348- 8301 and "Jounal De Brahrnavart" ISSN 2394- 6326. He has completed UGC funded Research Project entitled "An Historical appraisal and present significance of Chandela's tanks of Bundelkhand".

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Current Faculty Members

Department of History of VSSD college at present is strengthen with 3 Faculty Members in total including head of the department Dr.Anil Kumar Misra. Faculty members in History Department are dilligently helping their students to gain good knowledge in the field of history.

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Contribution of Former Faculty Members

Our former faculty members have worked hard and achieved various land mark in different field, some of their contribution will always be remembered.

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Courses Offered

UG courses-

PG Courses-

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Seminars / Conferences / Workshops

Department of History is very actively participating in attending and organizing seminars, conferences & workshops over the years..

  • 2011 - Workshop and Archival exhibition U.P. State, Achieves
  • 2014 - National Semianr on Swami Vivekanand and modern Youth, college funded 60,000/-
  • 2015 - National Semianr on Swami Vivekanand and modern Youth U.G.C. Funded –Rs. 1,20,000/-
  • 2016 - National Conference on "Global Terrorism with reference to Kashmir Issue", College funded , Rs. 96,000/-
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Alumni of the Department

Department of History has a wide list of reputed alumni who have earned emmence respect in various fields and are serving the society in some or the other manner.

Some recent alumnus of history department are:

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Quick View of History Department

Students Enrolled

  • Undergraduates:

  • Graduates:

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra is the current HOD of the department.

  • Including HOD there are three faculty members in History department at present.

Student Awards

Successive gold medal in every year for highest marks in MA (History) of CSJM University, Kanpur is continuously reserved in the department

  • 2011- Vedika Srivastava

  • 2012- Akshita Srivastava

  • 2013- Abha Singh

  • 2014- PayalTrivedi

  • 2015- Komal Mishra


Current Faculty