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VSSD College

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

Established in 1928, The Department of English of V.S.S.D college, has had an illustrious past, and is working towards a promising future. The year of its establishment saw the appointment of Prof. P.Sheshadri as PRINCIPAL of the college which was significant as he was an erudite and eminent scholar of English Literature, and prior to his appointment as principal had been H.O.D (ENGLISH) at Kashi Vishwavidyalaya, Varanasi. In the same year Babu Devi Prasad Srivastava joined the Dept. and proved to be an extremely popular and successful teacher till the end of his tenure in 1943.

P.G. courses were introduced in the Dept. in 1934 which benefited several students who desired to specialize in English and thus V.S.S.D. College served to be their Alma Mater providing a congenial, highly proficient, academic atmosphere for scholarly students. From 1933-1937 the Dept. reaped huge benefits from the dedicated services of Prof. Hrishikesh Bhattacharya whose scholastic aptitude and proficiency in the subject coupled with his teaching ability provided excellent guidance to the students.
Pt. V.D. Mishra was H.O.D from 1936-1958 and after his successful regime the scepter passed to Prof. M.P. Srivastava. From 1965 Prof. H.N. Mishra, Prof. S. R. Mishra and Dr. R. M. Dixit, all renowned scholars of English, steered the Dept. successfully.
Prof. H. N. Misra later achieved the rare distinction of being appointed the Vice-Chancellor of Kanpur University. In more recent times Prof. R. Chandra and Dr. G.K. Pandey who headed the dept. respectively till the year 2000 were both learned, upright, dedicated teachers endowed with sterling qualities and values worth emulating.

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Current Faculty Members

With the advent of the new millennium the Dept. has endeavored towards imparting quality education to students of English literature and language.

English Department of VSSD college at present is strengthen with 5 Faculty Members in total including head of the department Dr. Supriya Shukla. Faculty members in English Department are working in various areas helping their students to gain good knowledge in English .

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Competence of Faculty

The Dept. of English is fortunate to be equipped with a highly competent faculty. All the four members in the Dept. fulfill all requisite mandatory qualifications for higher education pedagogy. All have excellent meritorious academic records and all are Doctorates (conferred with the degree of Ph.D). read more...

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Departmental Achievements

Over the years people of english department have worked hard due to which department have achieved recognition in different fields over the years. Some major achivements of english department are listed below.

  • Department is the centre for Kanpur Chapter of English Language Teacher’s Association of India, an affiliate of British Council since 15 Nov. 2009

  • The Department is publishing an International journal "Illuminati" (print journal) since 2010.

  • "Illuminati" is being published as an E-Journal through OJAS, INFLIBNET supported by UGC

  • E-Pathshala (a project of UGC (MHRD) - Three members of the Dept. are engaged in e-pathshala as content writers and one of the member is the chief coordinator of the project.

  • The Dept. has established a language lab since 2013.

  • The Dept. is running a UGC sponsored Career Oriented Course on Communication in English for UG students since 2012.

  • A Personality Development workshop is conducted annually.

  • All the members of Dept. are authors & editors.

  • A member is holding the post of Executive Member, North of All India English Teachers' Association in the current year 2015.

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Implementation OF NAAC Recommendation

Honouring the recommendation of the esteemed NAAC Peer Team of setting up a Language Lab for students of English, the Dept. has implemented and executed their valuable suggestion. The Dept. is also running a U.G.C. sponsored career oriented course viz. communication in English for the last three years.

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Course Content and Teaching Methods

The Department follows the syllabus provided by the university and incorporates changes in the course content as per the university norms

Modern Teaching Methods: Audio-visual methods of teaching are followed. English, being a subjective subject requires traditional methods of teaching as well, under which great importance in attached to textual teaching followed by providing written assistance to students. The benefits of technological advancements which primarily includes the use of computers in teaching, research and resource material is emphasized in the department.

Evaluative Methods: To assess students and their grasping ability through quarterly evaluation and through written and oral tests is conducted. Half yearly examinations also provide an assessment of their academic standards. Feedback regarding their performance is given to them with suggestions of improvement.

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Research and Publications

It is heartening to mention that all the members of the Dept. are actively engaged in research work. At present there are 04 Research Scholars pursuing their doctoral research under the able supervision of various faculty members and 36 scholars have been awarded. All members are engaged in learning more and furthering their knowledge of the subject. There have been approximately 26 Books and 50 Papers/Articles published by members of the Dept. in the last five years. Quite a few books are under publication at present. Faculty members attend Seminars/Conferences and 61 papers have been presented in Seminars by the members.

Priority areas for Research

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Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops

The dept. organizes seminars and conferences from time to time.

Some of the past Seminars/Conferences/ Workshops are listed below.:

  • The Dept. conducted a National Seminar on 'Revitalizing the Language Class' on 22nd November, 2014. The speakers were Prof. M.S. Pandey, BHU, Varansi and Prof. G.A. Ghanshyam, Vice President ELTAI.

  • A UGC sponsored National Seminar was organized on "Indian in the Fiction of Indian Booker Prize Winners" on 27-28 Nov. 2010. The Keynote speaker was Keki N. Daruwalla. The other speakers were Prof. G.K. Das, Former V.C. Utkal University, Prof. R.N. Rai, Head, Dept. of English, BHU, Prof. R.K. Dhawan, a renowned author and critic, Prof. V.K. Sharma, Principal, R.L.A. College, New Delhi and Prof. Anita Singh, Dept. of English, BHU.

  • A National Seminar on "Key Issues in Teaching of English" was organized on 15th Nov. 2009. The Keynote speaker was Professor V.K. Sharma, Principal R.L.A. College, New Delhi.

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Alumni of the Department

Department of English has a wide list of reputed alumni who have earned emmence respect in various fields and are serving the society in some or the other manner.

Some of well known alumni of english department are:

  • content pending

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Community Services

Department of English over the years have been actively participating in various community services.

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Strategies for next five years

Department of English is sincierly focussed on its future plans so as to provide better education to its students in future. Department has a very good plan of action for next five years and department personels are putting up their dilligent efforts to achive the targeted goals. read more...

Quick View of English Department

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Intake Capacity

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Current Faculty

  • Dr. Supriya Shukla is the current HOD of the department.

  • Including HOD there are five faculty members in english department at present.

Department Library

The departmental library is well equipped with approximately 800 books on all genres of literature-poetry, drama, prose, fiction and criticism including Literary Journals. The departmental library is extensively used by faculty members and provides Valuable Source-Material for Students as well as Research Scholars. It is updated annually.