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Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

Dr. Chhaya Jain

Principal, V.S.S.D. College, Kanpur

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I feel immense pleasure in welcoming you to the website of V.S.S.D. College, Kanpur.

Our vision is to promote education across disciplines accepted globally. In the last few years, our college has witnessed remarkable development in teaching, research and institution infrastructure.

The college has been continuously organizing seminars, lectures and conferences on major issues relating to law, science, social affairs and public policy since its inception. Our college thus, as the representative of the higher education system has played a fundamental role in initiating and automating principled professional and personal growth in future citizens.

The influence of education is undeniable, and it is binding that the educational institutes must produce industry- compatible quality professionals. The administration intends to accomplish their task by supporting our teachers and students in their area of challenge and celebrating their areas of strength.

We welcome and solicit your support in this journey of excellence that will shape our students into the future achievers that this school, community, state and country needs them to be.

We can do it.    We will do it.

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