Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur
Accredited ‘A’ Grade by NAAC



Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging is strictly banned in the college. If anybody found indulged in such kind of activities, strict action will be taken irrespective of the extent. Ragging is banned by Supreme Court of India. In order to prevent such kind of activity in campus, am anti-ragging committees has been formed and brought into operation even before the start of 1st year classes by the Director.

SAY NO TO RAGGING Ragging is neither a means of familiarization, nor an introduction with fresher’s, but a form of Psychopathic behavior. Ragging is a violation of Human Rights. Respect Humanitarian Values. Ragging is a heinous crime, heavily punishable under law. Ragging may spoil your career forever.


  • To force to address seniors as 'Sir '
  • To force to perform mass drills.
  • To force to copy class notes for the seniors.
  • To force to serve various errands.
  • To force to do menial jobs for the seniors.
  • To ask/answer vulgar questions.
  • To force to drink alcohol, scalding tea, smoking, etc.
  • To force to do acts which can lead to physical injury/ mental torture or death?
PRINCIPAL 9415408002
CHIEF PROCTOR 9837836424
S.No Anti Ragging Squad (For Day) Anti Ragging Squad (For Night)
1. DR. B.K. DIXIT (CONVENER) DY. Chief Proctor & Associate Professor
Department of Commerce
Dr. Anil MIshra (convener) Associate Professor
Department of Histroy
2. DR. R.P. PRADHAN Associate Professor
Department of English
SRI. A.K. UPADHYAYA Associate Professor
Department of Law
3. DR. A.B. JAISAWAL Associate Professor
Department of Law
DR. NAMAN YADAV HEAD Associate Professor
Department of Physical Education
4. DR. PARIJAT SINHA Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
SMT. INDU MISHRA Associate Professor
Department of Geography
5. DR. GYAN PRAKASH Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
SRI. M.C. JHA Assistant Professor
Department of B.P.ED.& M.P.ED.
6. DR. SANGEETA CHAUHAN Associate Professor
Department of Geography
DR. R.B. SINGH Assistant Professor
Department of M.Ed.
7. DR. SANGEETA CHAUDHARY Associate Professor
Department of Military Study
DR. V.S. PARMAR Assistant Professor
Department of B.P.ED.& M.P.ED.
1090 Women Power Line

A unit of Women Power Line 1090, a Government of U.P. , Initiative, was established two years back in the college with the aim of empowering and training girls for the challenges related to their safety and self confidence. Dr. Kanchan Mishra-Women Guardian Angel is full of energy and enthusiasm to work for the betterment of the Girls students and women workers of the college. Under her able guidance many meaningful programmes have been conducted.

Internal Grievance Cell

The Institution has a Grievance Redressal Cell to take note of grievances and complaints of the students and their parents or members of different sections of the society. The students approach members of the cell with their complaints and grievances regarding academic matters, office related issues, college fees, library and similar matters. There is a Grievance letter box in front of the college office in the administrative building. Students can express their grievance, in writing, and drop it in the grievance box. A dedicated team under the guidance of the principal of the college looks into the matters relating to individual issues of the students and tries to resolve them with utmost care.

Platation Cell

VSSD college organized the tree plantation drive. The event was a collaborated effort of NSS unit and the Environment Society of the College. Principal, the staff members and NSS planted the saplings of Peepal, Banyan, Neem and other shady plants. In total 100 saplings were planted.

The NSS volunteers planted saplings in open area which will be taken care of by them. To sensitize students regarding environment, the remaining saplings were distributed amongst the students to plant them in their houses or in open spaces nearby. In the post event ceremony, Principal Dr. Chhaya jain shared her views on the significance and need of green and clean environment in the era of globalization. Every one participated with great enthusiasm in the drive and assured to conserve the environment for making it possible for human life to enjoy clean and green environment.

Proctorial Board
Sr. No Name Department Post Mobile
01 Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh Chemistry Chief Proctor
02 Dr. V.K. Dixit Commerce Deputy Chief Proctor 9935702916
03 Dr. Sanjeev Shukla Commerce Proctor Commerce Faculty 9839033707
04 Dr. P.S. Dobal Physics Proctor Science Faculty 9451284434
05 Dr. K.N. Gupta B.Ed. Proctor Education Faculty 9792413496
06 Dr. A.B. Jaiswal Law Proctor Law Faculty 9415405958
07 Dr. Alok Malviya Mathematics Proctor Science Faculty 9415367260
08 Dr. Nand Lal Chemistry Proctor Science Faculty 9838103307
09 Dr. Gyan Prakash Chemistry Proctor Science Faculty 8960683181
10 Dr. Naman Yadav Physical Education Proctor Physical Education Faculty 9935440696
11 Dr. Pradeep Dixit Sanskrit Proctor Art Faculty 8090274439
12 Dr. Reeta Pandey Hindi Proctor Art Faculty 8840486673
13 Dr. Sangeeta Chaudhary Military Science Proctor Art Faculty 9807207854
14 Dr. Sangeeta Chauhan Geography Proctor Art Faculty 9336596635
15 Sri. Mahesh Chandra Jha M.P.ED. Proctor B.P.ED., M.P.ED.Faculty 9415726565
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